Food Storage

Did you ever think food storage could be easy?  Well, it is!
  1. Register for an account on our Shelf Reliance site.
  2. Use the THRIVE Planner to determine how much food storage you need for your family.
  3. Then remove the items you already have, and put the rest of the items on a THRIVE Q.  
  4. Determine the portion of your grocery budget you can allocate to THRIVE food. 
That's it.  Shelf Reliance will send you as much food as possible for your budget every month.  You will have your entire food storage in no time!  And it's worry free!  Of course, you have the option to edit your Q and decide what you will get each month.  You are free to pause or cancel any time after the first 3 shipments.  So get started now.